Why Stories are Important to Kids?

“People forget facts, but they remember stories.” — Joseph Campbell Stories are an integral part of every child’s life. The stories fascinate children and take them on a pleasant ride of fun, fantasy, learning and positivity that they remember forever. The first interaction of kids with stories usually happens during their bedtime, when mothers or […]

How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style?

From birth, children have the urge to discover the world around them. They utilise different mediums at their disposal like touching, hearing, tasting, smelling, or speaking to explore their surroundings. With age, kids start developing a unique learning pattern at home or the best preschool in Gurgaon. There are three types of learning patterns that […]

Things to Look for Choosing a Perfect Daycare Centre

Every parent wants a place for their kid where they can feel at home in their absence. This desire makes the search for a daycare facility an arduous mission for every working parent. Many daycare centres come with a plethora of options, but rather than proposing a solution they confuse parents most of the time.  […]

Back to School Lunch Ideas

It is time for children to head back to school. With that comes some sincere lunch planning, so kids don’t carry junk food or biscuits every day. This might look easy, but it is a tedious task for all mothers every morning. Children just want a yummy lunch every day, but mothers care about their […]

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Nursery Admission in Gurugram

Every parent wants the best education for their child. Since the education starts from the nursery, parents have to be on their toes to get their kid in a good nursery school in Gurgaon. To make this happen they need to track the application dates, get registration forms of multiple schools, arrange necessary and relevant […]

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Preschool in Gurgaon

Pre-schooling is a child’s first exposure to a formal learning environment. Research shows that preschool learning is imperative in a child’s early development. Therefore, it’s crucial for you as parents to enrol your child in the one that best suits them. With numerous billboards and advertisements floating around in the city, it’s indeed an uphill […]

5 Moral Values You Can Teach Your Kid

Are you a parent who wants to see your little one as righteous and well-adjusted individuals as they grow up? If so, teaching them moral values is one of the important things to do. Inculcating good moral values in children at a very young age helps them grow up as individuals and have a better […]

What Role Does Music Play in Early Childhood Development?

Did you know that music can make you and your little one smarter and happier? Most preschoolers love singing or listening to music. Several studies show that parents who create a rich musical environment at their home for entertainment, it helps their kid to acquire essential musical as well as life skills. When young children […]

Importance of Social Interaction for Kids

Ask any parent about their little one’s development and they will often talk about language skills, gross motor skills, and physical development. But a child’s ability to interact with their peers, other children and adults around them plays a pivotal role in children’s development. Social interaction plays a crucial role in a child’s learning and […]

6 Powerful Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your Children

Parenting is all about having open-ended conversations with kids. A positive 2-way communication plays a crucial role in your child’s upbringing, building their confidence, improving their communication skills, developing social-emotional skills and boosting their self-esteem. As a parent, you continually model your kid on how to act and behave. But it is worth remembering that […]