Role of a parent as a learning coach

When a new parent embarks on a journey of parenthood it is with lots of trepidation. A parent’s role as a coach is full of rigmaroles. How much is too much or too less, they never really know. A parent is always the role model for every child & is looked upon as a paragon […]

Ways to boost your child’s imagination

Imagine that you turn into a Superhero and save the world from an alien warship.  Difficult to imagine.  See yourself from your child’s perspective. For him you are a Superhero who is the most powerful and intelligent person on this earth. So let us help our children in this realm of imagination. Imagination makes a […]

Why Cognitive Development is important for kids

The child is father of the man  The initial years of every child are of growth and development. The experienced staff of Beansprouts Preschool, Gurgaon is trained to nurture the tiny tots with utmost care. It is the time when the young ones venture out of the house and interact with others. Skill development, as […]

Teaching students about sharing is caring

The formative years are the most impressionistic time for all the kids and Beansprouts Preschool Gurgaon ensures to use it with utmost care. The “Sharing is Caring” concept is brought forth in different ways to ingrain in the tiny tots’ minds. It is such an important feeling that emotionally enriches them for a lifetime. The […]

Importance of Art and craft in early childhood education

A young child learns fast as he ventures out of the house. School is the first formal place created for him to experience new things and learn from his environment. Welcome to Beansprouts Preschool, Gurgaon, the only preschool which believes in the holistic development of tiny tots in the most comfortable surroundings. When the child […]

Is your kid a Sensory Seeker or an Avoider?

Starting school marks a new phase in a child’s life. This important phase continues for the entire childhood and teenage years. The beginning defines many things about the child’s personality. Beansprouts Pre-school, Sector 50, Gurgaon, handles children with a lot of love and care and ensures that the children blossom in their formative years.  Educators […]

How your young ones can contribute to recycling waste.

We at Beansprouts Gurgaon, believe in sustainable development goals. Teaching reduce, reuse, recycle early and making it ingrained can be termed as a necessary step to preserving our planet. Our 1 acre green campus gives us a lot of practical learning opportunities for our children who learn to respect the environment. Our campus is an […]

Learn to accept ‘NO’ for any answer

No means No! A young child has an impressionistic mind . The formative years of every child are pivotal in shaping their personality. Beansprouts Preschool is sensitive to the needs and requirements of the young ones. Our experienced educators are equipped to help and mold the young ones into a positive and responsible citizen. Parents […]

Tips for Picky Eaters

Ample on the platter / Food for tots Beansprouts, Gurgaon discusses a major issue troubling most of the parents of toddlers. Eating is the biggest task for a child. Making a child eat, is the toughest task for a parent. We at Beansprouts have seen children across the globe go through a picky eating phase […]

Tips to Give Medicine

Parents’ nightmare Doctors’ advice Feeding a toddler is a Hercule task and making him take medicine, sometimes, looks almost impossible. A sick, irritated child can be very difficult to manage let alone eating bitter pills. Beansprouts, Gurgaon brings a few suggestions that, sure, would help parents in distress. The first and foremost is to talk […]