Tips on how to balance work and kids when at home

Loving means caring—you must have heard that often. But caring takes a lot of organising. And the only way you will be able to strike a balance between your work and kids—especially when you are working from home—is by being well organised. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that elusive balance: Set […]

6 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Toddler Colours and Shapes

Children are naturally curious beings. They go about the world soaking in different sights, sounds, and smells. They have their own ways and means of absorbing stimulus from the environment and remembering what they observed. Watching your child go about making a sense of the world can be a beautiful and thrilling experience. Why not […]

How to Get Your Kid to Eat Healthy

Kids can be picky eaters. In fact, many a time they are. Their taste buds need satisfaction each time they put something on their tongue. Result? Easy addiction to junk food, full of addictive flavours and unhealthy elements. A preference for fast food, that is low on nutrition, is a mass epidemic among kids. How […]

5 Tips To Inculcate a Good Sense of Hygiene from Early Childhood

“Rules governing defecation, hygiene, and pollution exist in every culture at every period in history. It may, in fact, be the foundation of civilisation: What is toilet training if not the first attempt to turn a child into an acceptable member of society?” – Rose George, journalist and author How important is personal hygiene? Well, […]

Early Childhood Learning and Advantage of Pre-schools

Early childhood is the age at which almost the entire foundation of future learning, growth, development and conditioning is laid. It’s the time when base fundamentals of your child’s cognitive, emotional and psycho-social behaviour develop. It is therefore easy to understand why this is the phase in which your child needs to be nurtured most […]

Moody Toddlers? No Problem! Here’s How to Take Care of Them

Toddlers can be unpredictable. They often act and react in a manner which we can scarcely comprehend. However, their moodiness is understandable. They have a mammoth task of interpreting and comprehending a vast, unknown and overwhelming world that they have been put in the centre of. The result is confusion, which is reflected in their  […]

Childhood Fears and Phobias – How to Deal with Them?

In early childhood children can display a fear of many things. This fear can take on different forms, but it’s especially a fear of the unknown that children find overwhelming. This may include fear of darkness, big animals, loud sounds and separation from parents. Such fears and phobias are normal and to an extent may […]

4 Great Life Lessons that Kids can Learn from the Kitchen

“I Want To Help, I Want To Help The Little Girl’s Face Shines With Delight, As She Watches Her Mother Turn The Oven On Baking Some Dessert For Supper Tonight.” That is Niti’s story, a preschooler from Beansprouts, Gurugram. Just like Niti, kids are very enthusiastic to contribute to the kitchen. It somehow makes them […]

6 Incredible Reasons of Why Children Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Do you remember the times when, as a child, you used to wait to go out and play? The activity was timed and on the days that you were late, you were punished too!  But it was these very experiences that groomed us and gave us our unique personalities.  With the growing use of technology, […]

5 Ways of Spending Quality Time with Kids

To a child, “love” is spelt “t-i-m-e”. – Zig Ziglar Science has proven that the more time you spend with your kids today, it will end up leaving an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Spending time doesn’t mean just being around them. It is about being involved and taking an interest […]